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Big Bingo Bonus Giveaway

Big Bingo Bonus Giveaway

We're giving away 400 prizes every week until the end of February 2021! For your chance to win each week, all you gotta do is answer that week's question.

This week's question is:

The Buzz Bingo Blast Room features a 38 bingo game - True or False?

And we're giving away a £5 Bingo Bonus for the Buzz Bingo Blast Room!

Follow these steps below, but whatever you do, don't enter your answer on the buzzbingo.com homepage - follow these steps exactly! We like to challenge you ;)

The winners will be drawn randomly each week, and they'll get their bonus popped straight into their buzzbingo.com account. Yippee! If you win, use your bonus within 30 days or it'll expire.

Good luck, and come back here for next week's question or follow us on Facebook.com/BuzzBingo!

Terms & Conditions

Club Social Media Prize Draw Competition PROMOTION (the “Promotion Terms”)

Before participating in this Promotion, it is very important that you read these Rules very carefully. They include important information about the basis upon which we make this promotion available to you. You will need to agree to these Rules when participating in the Club Social Media Prize Draw Competition promotion. Please note in particular, the specific restrictions and requirements and any exclusions. In the case of any discrepancy between these Promotion Terms and the General Terms, these Promotion Terms shall take precedence. These Rules need to be read alongside the General Terms which are available here. If there are any inconsistencies between what we say in the General Terms and within these Promotion Terms, the terms of these Promotion Terms will apply. Please note that you can find further details about the rules of different Games on the Website.

1. The “Club Social Media Prize Draw Competition” promotion (the “Promotion”) is hosted, operated and promoted at BuzzBingo.com (the "Website") by Buzz Group Limited. a limited company registered in the UK. We can be contacted at support@buzzbingo.com or 0808 169 1459.

2. The Promotion will run on Tuesday 19th January 2021 from 17:00 (UK time) until 16:59 (UK time) on Thursday 21st January 2021 (the “Promotion Period”).

Type of Promotion

3. The Promotion is only available to UK residents, aged 18 or over and the Promotion is only available to BuzzBingo.com customers.

The Promotions includes:

How do you take part in the Promotion and what are the eligibility criteria?

4. In order to take part in this Promotion, during the Promotion Period you must:

5. You are not permitted to participate in the Promotion if you have previously been excluded by Buzz Bingo from participating in promotions or any gaming on the Website. We will notify you if you have been excluded.

How do you cancel the Promotion?

6. You may choose to cancel the Promotion at any time by contacting our Customer Services team to confirm that you wish to cancel the Promotion using the contact details contained on the "Contact Us" page on the Website.

Promotional Play Restrictions

7. At Buzz we offer bonuses and promotions to increase your enjoyment of our games and bingo. We expect that you will participate in all bonuses and promotions fairly, so that our other customers too may enjoy these benefits. We describe below certain types of play which we consider to be unfair and therefore to be in breach of these Promotion Terms and will constitute “Prohibited Activity” for the purposes of section 5 of our General Terms (NB: Please note the general restrictions and prohibitions that are described in the General Terms here):

a) using multiple and duplicate accounts to obtain more than the number of Promotions permitted for each customer;

b) sharing personalised promotional offers or bonuses (i.e. promotions or bonuses which are available to specific customers only) received by you e.g. via email, inbox message, text message, links, URLs etc. with others who were not the intended receiver. This includes accessing promotions or bonuses forwarded to you by others when you were not the intended receiver;

c) hiding your country of residence to access a promotion or bonus that is not available in your country of residence;

d) colluding with other customers in order to take advantage of promotions or bonuses; or

e) using more than one account per household or per IP address;

together, "Promotional Play Restrictions".

8. If you are engaged or have engaged in any Promotional Play Restrictions, we will be entitled to cancel any bonuses or promotions applied to your Account, reclaim any bonus element of such offers and either void any free bonuses, or remove any subsequent winnings relating to a bonus from your Account.

General Promotion Terms

9. Whilst the rest of these Promotion Terms state that you can withdraw any funds in your Account at any time, we may be required to withhold such funds to comply with any legal or regulatory obligations.

10. Buzz Bingo reserves the right to amend or cancel this Promotion or amend these Promotion Terms:

a) without notice if the change or cancellation is needed to satisfy or meet a legal or regulatory requirement; or

b) for any other valid reason by giving you notice in advance of the change (we shall only do this where the circumstances are sufficiently serious, for example, where there is a fault with the software or systems we use to provide the Website and/or the Promotion or in the event of manifest error in the Promotion and/or the Promotion Terms).

Where we are required to make changes in these circumstances, we may be able to offer an equivalent prize, bonus or free bet and we will contact you to provide you with details so that you can consider the options available to you.