3 Ways We Work Together with Players to Promote Online Bingo Safety



There is simply no denying it – Buzz Bingo would be nothing without its members. We love the connection we share with every single one of you and are always working to give you the best possible experiences.

Safer Gambling Week

Staying safe online is so vital and it is rightly the focus of an important campaign taking place this month.

From October 17th to 23rd, we are joining the rest of our industry in marking Safer Gambling Week. The aim? To help everyone understand what the industry is doing to keep its players safe, whether that is through the use of tools or the availability of advice and support.

Considering the relationship we have with our players, we’re keen to bring them in on this conversation and work with them to keep the online bingo environment fun, exciting and – above all else – safe. Here are just a few ways we are trying to do that.

1. Creating Community

Bingo has always been a social game and we have been proud to continue that tradition online with our chat function. This allows our players to have a good natter as the action unfolds, while chat stars may also pop up to offer advice and even a prize or two.

Of course, proper use of the chat function is vital to ensure everyone stays safe, so we have rules in place on that front. We would urge all of our players to follow the required etiquette so that our chat stars and customer service team do not have to intervene.

2. Know Your Limit

Our efforts to support our customers have led to the creation of a range of tools designed to ensure that they always have a fun experience on our games.

Deposit limits allow you to set a budget across a day, week or month, while you can also summon your inner-basketball coach and call “time out!” to freeze your account for any period up to six weeks. If time really is of the essence, game play reminders will let you know how long you’ve been going for, while self-exclusion may be something to consider if you want to take a longer step back from the site.

3. Remember Rules

Finally, we always want our players to know the score when it comes to our gaming selection and that is why we have provided a host of information on rules and gameplay across the site

We would encourage players to have a read of the general rules of play, while any queries on specific elements of gameplay may be found within some games themselves. Having a proper understanding of games will help you get more from them, which in turn means there is more fun to be had.

Get The Best From Your Bingo

Safety is the secret ingredient to a great gaming experience, as we think players who feel safe are more likely to get the best out of their time on Buzz Bingo.

We’ve taken a range of steps to make safety a priority and hope these go some way to ensuring your time with us is a happy one.