Slot Machines for Beginners



Slot machines are the foundation of many online casinos. We at Buzz Bingo and our recently launched Buzz Casino are no different, as we pride ourselves on delivering a huge collection of new and classic slots for both mobile and desktop players.

With such a broad selection of slots available, however, newcomers might feel overwhelmed. To help the uninitiated, we wrote this guide on how to play slots. Including basic information, slot tips for beginners, and some examples of popular games, read ahead, and you'll be spinning like an expert in no time.

How Slots Work

The basic idea behind slot games is that the player needs to spin reels to match symbols. The player can wager different amounts on these spins, with higher bets leading to higher potential rewards. This is the basic idea of slots, but there's a lot of variety after this point.

Playing slots usually comes down to a few simple steps:

  1. Select your active paylines and bet
  2. Press spin
  3. Play out any bonuses if won
  4. Collect any landed payouts
  5. Go back to step one

Modern digital slots are designed for both mobiles and computers, so players can get the full experience no matter how and where they like to play. When learning how to play slots for beginners, remember that these points will apply to practically all titles.


Forming a win in slots is accomplished through matching symbols. The more symbols are matched, the higher the payout, with different symbols offering different values. There can be a big difference between the value of low-paying and high-paying symbols. Big bets that match high-paying symbols will usually result in the largest rewards.

The basic symbols in slots tend to be based on playing cards in the nine-ace range. This is a holdover from the very first slot machines. Higher-paying symbols above this point will usually include game-specifically themed icons. Some games that lean even deeper into their themes can ignore the playing card setup, instead opting for unique low-paying symbol designs.

Also playing a part are special symbols, which usually appear as wilds and scatters. Wilds are symbols that can act as any symbol except the scatter. Scatter symbols are usually those which unlock special features, with three in a combination usually being the minimum number to collect. Scatters and wilds can also sometimes be the same symbol.


Paylines is the name given to the lines across which symbols can match. These tend to run left to right on the reels, and can sometimes be modified by the player. Other times, games will have fixed paylines or could offer a popular Megaways feature, which increases paylines beyond the regular range.

Most slot games offer somewhere in the region of 10-20 paylines. Some games like those with Megaways can offer more than 100,000. In instances when players can modify paylines, the cost of a bet will increase per active payline.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are an important part of online slots, and they vary with each title. Of course, learning slots means looking at each game individually, and seeing how those in your slot of choice work. Some games might not offer bonus rounds at all, while other slots could offer several different systems of interlinking bonus games.

Most games that offer bonus rounds will give players access by collecting three scatters on a single spin. Collecting additional scatters will usually let the player enter the bonus round. The bonus round will then grant access to additional features like more free spins or a higher payout multiplier. Scatters that open the bonus game usually don't have to appear on the same payline. As long as scatters land on the same spin, they count.

The most common bonus game is one which offers free spins. Since payouts in slots will change depending on the bet, the values of payouts in free spins will work with the betting amount which won access to the bonus game. Sometimes free spins can be retriggered from within the bonus game, or have payout multipliers that will increase rewards.

Outside of free spins, bonus games can get very creative and unique. Sometimes they might have a player working their way across a board game, while other bonus games could include selecting random symbols to reveal big payouts. Bonus games can even lead to more bonus games, or unlock features that apply back in the main game, like expanded reels or extra symbols.

Most Popular Slots for Beginners

Learning how to play slots means finding a way to ease yourself in, and the best way to do this is with simple slot titles with established reputations. With that in mind, we've generated the following list of slots, which are all popular and great for both amateurs and more seasoned hands.

Rainbow Riches

Released back in 2009, Rainbow Riches is one of the most famous online slot titles ever released and with good reason. Many users learned how to play slot machines for beginners on this streamlined game, with its clear interface and easy-to-understand bonus features.

Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways

Another big name in the slots game, Fishin’ Frenzy is a popular series with a few different takes on its classic formula. We chose this one because it’s a great way to practice the Megaways feature, and try to land a big one along the way.

Ted – Jackpot King

The Ted slot based on the film of the same name has a few popular variants, but we’re recommending the standard one with Jackpot King functionality. This one gives players access to the famed Jackpot King progressive jackpot while easing players in with movie quips and references.