World Beard Day



We love a good beard here at Buzz Bingo. Roger’s got one. Chat Star Clarence has got one. Roger has one, and so have Rob and Chris at Buzz Bingo Medway! Here's how to celebrate World Beard Day on 5th September whether you have a beard or not.

Here's a selection of some of our lovely Buzz Bingo beards. Can you spot anyone you know?

Who says you need a beard to celebrate World Beard Day? You can do all these things whether you have a beard or not.

1. Compliment a beard
You’ve got at least one friend with a fantastic beard. Send them a message right now saying “Hello. Your beard is magnificent.”

2. Consider a beard
If you can grow a beard, consider how one might look on you. There are plenty of reasons to give it a go, like the fact that you can wave goodbye to shaving rash on your chin, thick beards can stop UV rays from harming your skin, and beards usually look really great. Plenty of studies indicate that beards give men a palpable air of confidence and that men with full beards appear more healthy, mature, and attractive.

3. Wear a fake beard
If you really want to get into World Beard Day and support your bearded friends, you could wear a fake beard. We’ve seen fake beards in costume shops and beanies with crocheted beards attached, so there are plenty of options for you.

4. Make beard-shaped cookies
You can get beard-and-moustache shaped cookie cutters online, so make some Beard Cookies! You could make chocolate chip Beard Cookies, double-choc-chip Beard Cookies, gingerbread Beard Cookies… just use your favourite cookie recipe and use your beard-and-moustache shaped cookie cutters! Present a plate of Beard Cookies to your friends and family or just eat them all to yourself, we won’t tell.

5. Stroke a beard
Some people really like stroking beards, and we support that. You do you. If you have a willing bearded friend, go to town on their beard. Stroke it. Enjoy it. Ask them to purr.

6. Play Beardy Kiss, Marry, Just Friends
Show these lists to your friends and take turns to say who you’d kiss, who you’d marry, and who you’d just be friends with. Look ‘em up online if you don’t know who they are.

Paul Rudd, Will Smith, Jake Gyllenhaal
Idris Elba, Hugh Jackman, Jason Momoa
George Clooney, Donald Glover, Ben Affleck,
Chris Hemsworth, Fawad Khan, Samuel L. Jackson
Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Shahid Kapoor

7. Play beardy slot games
We’ve got Age Of The Gods™ Norse: Gods & Giants, Kingdoms Rise™: Reign of Ice, Diamond Mine Megaways™, Hercules™ High & Mighty, and the pirate-themed Blackbeard. There’s also Book of Christmas because even though it isn’t Christmas, Santa does have a pretty epic beard. He's the OG beard master.

How To Celebrate World Beard Day With A Beard

Self-care is important! Show your beard some love today.

1. Wash your beard
Give it a long, luxurious shampoo with plenty of chin and cheek massaging. We recommend being very fancy and using a dedicated beard shampoo and conditioner because beard hair is thicker and coarser than the hair on your head. It needs different things. Beard shampoo and conditioner has those things. Move on to step two once you’ve rinsed your conditioner out.

2. Brush your beard
Comb or brush your freshly washed beard. Vikings knew how important it was to keep your beard combed - they hand-carved combs out of bone, antler, and wood, and hung them on their belts to show off how well-groomed they were. You could try this too, if you like.

3. Oil your beard
This is an essential step to take your beard from ‘quite nice’ to ‘phwoar!’
Put a small blob of beard oil in your palm, rub your hands together to warm it, then distribute it evenly through your beard. Less is more - we're going for dashing, not drenched. Moustache waxes are great for keeping moustaches nourished, sleek, and smelling great.

4. Trim your beard
A well-trimmed beard makes you look dapper, suave, like someone who could survive easily in the wilderness with just a small knife, a torch and some tarp. What even is tarp? We don’t know, but a well-groomed gentleman definitely knows. Use good scissors and take your time. This is about you and your beard on World Beard Day, my friend. No need to rush. Wash the sink afterwards because nobody appreciates little beard hairs all over the bathroom.

5. Appreciate your beard
Look in the mirror and observe the glory of your freshly washed and groom beard. It’s magnificent. Say this out loud to your reflection:

“My beard is magnificent. Just like me.”

6. Optional extra step: show off your beard
Take your glorious beard out onto the streets and walk with your head held high because you, my friend, look fantastic.

7. Make a pact with a beard bro
Are you in regular contact with a bearded person? Make a pact to give each other a subtle signal if one of you has food in your beard. Because hey, that happens.

Happy World Beard Day! Show us your beards in the comments.